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Hi there. This is the new SeaGalley blog, and it’s the place to come to learn about SeaGalley Specials, Contests and events. Check back often to and what’s new at SeaGalley

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the SeaGalley Blog

  1. We are looking forward to going again this coming weekend (Labor Day), because we, too, miss the one that used to be in Puyallup. The halibut is my favorite, although we sure enjoy the salad bar, too!

    Our other restaurant we always visit while in Yakima is Tequilas at Track 29. The people that own it are great, and the food is exceptional. We eat outdoors most of the time – we feel like we’re in Mexico!

  2. My loving wife and I been living in Yakima for 10 years now, and every weekend we’re sure to go to Sea Galley for a truly great meal. Whether it’s their succulent steak, incredible crab, breathtaking bread or fab fettucine. My goodness, my mouth is watering as I type this.

    As if that wasn’t enough to convince you to visit this first class joint, the service is totally wicked. Last time we visited we were served by a dashing young man named Billy. The service was top notch. He was very attractive. My wife was flusterred. A heart breaker if I’ve ever seen one. Straight up zero cool. Not unlike myself in my youth. Ah, I remember those days, walking through the market with the gang on a warm summer’s day, wooing young lasses and taking them back to the house for a game of drunken croquette and yahtzee. We now keep a picture of Billy on out mantleplace, and one by our bed, as a reminder of my sultry youth and the restaurant’s freaking awesome food.

    Sea Galley is the besy sea food restaurant ever. It got me into seafood, saved my marriage, cured my cancer and restored my faith in humanity. If you go there you will not be sorry.

    Peace out.

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